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Legacy Renovation

It is the Technological Excellence which allows a financial company to become a leader in the highly competitive environment. The need for business development and the desire to benefit from the modern technologies make businesses re-estimate their IT infrastructure capacity and take steps toward its improvement.

Based on its 21-year experience in software development and using the best IT practices and globally approved technologies, Diasoft offered to the market a modern cost effective approach to legacy solutions enhancement which allows rapid modernization of the existing IT infrastructure and also provides the business with a powerful development tool. Using Diasoft’s unique methodology to the legacy system renovation, the Customer acquires all advantages of modern technologies without the need to reconstruct their business processes.

What is Legacy Renovation by Diasoft?

Diasoft’s unique legacy renovation methodology involves the automated conversion of legacy source code to cutting-edge SOA JavaEE technology, making it possible to rapidly transform aging IT infrastructures into the modern 3-tier architecture without the need to reconstruct the existing business processes or get rid of the corresponding customized software features.

The technology is based on Diasoft’s own FLEXTERA Platform and has successfully proven its efficiency with obsolete systems developed in COBOL (including BMS Maps and JCL), PL/1, SQL, Oracle Forms, CLIPPER, Clarion, Borland Delphi, Centura, FORTRAN, Power Builder, Visual Basic, etc.

Diasoft’s legacy renovation technology brings legacy systems to a new level of flexibility, increases their performance and enhances integration and development capacities while retaining the business logic of operations and providing opportunity to go on using the same operations and even similar user interfaces the Customer has accustomed to. 

The customer dramatically reduces or fully eliminates such negative drawbacks of their legacy solutions as:

  • High TCO of core systems;
  • Low business agility;                                                  
  • Lack of flexibility and scalability;
  • Difficulties with web-enablement;
  • Difficulties with IT maintenance and component replacement;
  • Outdated business performance and functionality;                                
  • Low ROI of IT spending.


Mainframe Costs Optimization

Financial institutions increasingly face multiple business and cost related challenges associated with mainframe-based IT environments. Maintaining such infrastructures for running legacy solutions often become extremely costly, in addition each change or enhancement of business processes may generate significant costs.

Striving to reduce the TCO of the IT infrastructure and optimize the usage of mainframes, many banks consider the migration from the costly legacy mainframe applications.

The migration of the obsolete source code to the modern JavaEE platform opens you the opportunity to take advantages of multiple modern hardware platforms and technologies, such as Linux and Unix. This allows you to both leverage the capabilities of these cost effective platforms and reduce the overall TCO of your IT infrastructure.

Key Technologies                

FLEXTERA Legacy renovation technology is based on FLEXTERA Platform — a modern SOA-compliant development tool and a reliable framework for Java-based services based on IBM’s MiddleWare technologies and the most advanced industry standards.

The platform incorporates a set of services performing separate business functions and provides a comprehensive Business Process Management Engine orchestrating these services and third party applications within a single business process.

With FLEXTERA’s ready-to-use Java toolkit based on IBM Middleware Technologies, a financial institution does not have to redevelop its administration, monitoring, security, and management mechanisms from the beginning. All the Customer has to do is to configure the built-in FLEXTERA instruments in accordance with the established business rules.

Designed to fit any IT environment and providing advanced inventory for solving the most complex IT tasks, FLEXTERA Platform becomes a perfect choice for both mature and emerging financial institutions which are looking for a new platform to support their dynamic business development and extensive IT strategy or wish to renovate the existing legacy solutions. To further raise its business value, FLEXTERA Platform can be delivered with the comprehensive Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office and Reporting products which can be easily deployed on the base of the Platform to add to the existing Customer functionality.

Other Advantages

In comparison with full scale system replacement or rewriting, Diasoft’s approach offers many advantages including:

  • minimization of the transformation time;
  • retaining of the existing business logic and business processes;
  • reduced costs of porting legacy applications;
  • low need for customization;
  • increased transformation ROI.

In addition, the customer acquires the advantages of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and can use the in-built FLEXTERA Java development toolkit together with expanded integration capabilities for the further IT and business development. With this cost effective and low-risk approach, the financial institution can capitalize on the investments and years of work spent on perfecting the legacy software.

The successful experience of Diasoft’s Customers has proven that the enhancement of aging systems to modern 3-tier SOA architecture based on JavaEE technology allows financial institutions to dramatically improve their ability to respond to modern market requirements and support their business strategy. With this cost effective and low-risk approach, the Customer can capitalize on the investments and years of work spent on perfecting legacy software and acquire an advanced orchestration mechanism for better performance and successful future development.