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FLEXTERA Front Office

FLEXTERA Front Office is a comprehensive suite of software solutions supporting different aspects of the bank’s daily front office interactions with its clients and partners. The solution combines multi channel enablement with advanced CRM capacity to ensure ubiquitous client servicing, optimize the bank’s operations, and to explore new cross selling opportunities.

The access to the integrated customer information, or a 360-degree view of the customer, allows strengthening the bank’s competitive positions in the market through proactive communication with its clients and effective promotion of financial services based on the deep customer knowledge. The bank’s employee can check what services and products the client uses and analyze the history of his/her financial operations and previous interactions with the bank before coming up with a new offering. Providing access to the client’s personal information, this tool also allows avoiding data replication, save the client’s time and lets the bank:

  • automate cross selling,
  • quickly modify and customize the sales terms,
  • rapidly launch new services,
  • provide effective information advising,
  • optimize the bank’s operations.


This powerful loyalty tool is supported by the use of the Single-Window technology — a convenient communication and integration instrument which allows the bank’s staff to use the same user interface for the unified access to all customer information used by multiple applications.

In addition, FLEXTERA Front Office offers to its Customers high-end decision support and workflow technologies and provides unlimited opportunities for integration with third party banking applications.

Together with other Diasoft’s solutions, FLEXTERA Front Office provides complete lifecycle support for retail, corporate and investment banking and capital market operations. Due to their technological advantages, all the FLEXTERA solutions open to our Customers new opportunities for the strategic business development and streamlining of their banking services.

FLEXTERA’s integrated multi channel philosophy

FLEXTERA’s support of all modern delivery channels and the use of its in-built efficient mechanism for quick deployment of new delivery tools considerably enhance the bank’s opportunities for wider customer reach which is especially important for financial institutions with extensive geographic coverage.

All the delivery channels are tightly interconnected within FLEXTERA Front Office to ensure integrated multi channel approach to banking. This approach allows the bank to provide to its customers a new level of servicing through a comprehensive combination of all modern servicing instruments. This ensures a consolidated access to all banking services through any delivery tool and immediate deployment of new products and services in every separate channel application avoiding the need for their individual configuring.

For example, a newly launched financial product is easily integrated into online banking functionality together with its simultaneous launch in other channels, like mobile banking, branch automation applications or self-service terminals.

Being integral parts of FLEXTERA Front Office, all available delivery channels can access consolidated customer data and successfully communicate with every front office module.

FLEXTERA Front Office Functional Modules

FLEXTERA Loan Origination and Management

The module supports the overall loan origination process and a broad range of operations with loan products such as consumer loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, loans to individual entrepreneurs, small and medium business lending, and credit lines. The functional scope of the module covers the following processes:

  • Support of diverse sales channels,
  • Individual and corporate loan applications processing,
  • Credit fee calculation,
  • Decision making support,
  • Loan documents management,
  • Credit payments.


FLEXTERA Deposits Front Office

The module handles the complete deposit origination and management process, providing such functions as:

  • Deposit calculators,
  • Document management,
  • Deposit renewal, redemption, and cancellation,
  • Assignment and deposit transfer,
  • Accumulated interest accrual and payment.


FLEXTERA Cardholder Front Office

The module supports all front office operations related to the payment cards including information and advisory services, card application processing, cash withdrawal and payments, setting card limits, card blocking, presenting card account statements, etc.

FLEXTERA Payments and Money Transfers Front Office

The module provides the support of all types of individuals’ payments and money transfers via local and global payment systems. The functional scope of the solution includes anti-money laundering control, flexible fee accrual mechanisms, interaction with clearing systems, and accounting and reporting functions.

FLEXTERA Safety Deposit Boxes Front Office

The module supports all operations under safe boxes rental agreements, including registration and modifying of rental agreements, rental fee calculation, customer visits logging, and financial reporting.

FLEXTERA Teller Front Office

The module supports various transactions with local and foreign currencies, foreign exchange operations, card payments and cash withdrawal both at the bank’s office and through the remote cash offices. The module’s functional scope also includes the end-of-day processing and accounting operations.

FLEXTERA Settlements Front Office

The module ensures the automation of the cash and cashless operations with the current and settlement accounts. The solution supports accounts opening and closing, changing contract terms, and control of various documents and payment details.

FLEXTERA Mutual Funds Front Office

The module automates clients’ actions with investment funds shares and banked-managed mutual funds including sale, purchase, and exchange operations.

FLEXTERA Factoring Front Office

The module provides support of the bank’s factoring operations including applications processing, factoring agreements management, and interaction with contractors.

FLEXTERA Custodian Front Office

The module covers all front-office processes related to custodian and depository operations.

FLEXTERA Brokerage Front Office

The module provides support of security trading operations.

FLEXTERA Precious Metals Operations Front Office

The module supports all the bank’s operations with precious metals trading and servicing precious metals accounts.

FLEXTERA Information Services

The module automates the customer’s access to the information and advisory services available both at the bank’s office and through a variety of modern self service channels. The range of the provided information can vary from the update on the customer’s application processing status to product information or account references.

FLEXTERA Claims Processing

The module deals with customers’ claims in accordance with the bank’s internal claims processing schemes.

FLEXTERA Customer Loyalty Programs

The module supports all the steps of loyalty program management including the client’s enrollment to the program, access to the bonus account information, choice or modification of bonus services, etc.

FLEXTERA Documentary Operations

The module automates operations with letters of credits and guarantees.