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FLEXTERA Middle Office

FLEXTERA Middle Office functional modules provide its customers with extensive decision support, risk management and performance control functionality. These modules mostly fulfill business support functions rather than actual service or product provision, but it is middle office inventory which is responsible for the success and stable financial position of a financial institution.

Targeted at the successful business support, FLEXTERA Middle Office offers the most sophisticated tools for scoring, decision-making, risk identification, assessment and prioritization, management of limits, operations performance control, and debt collections. FLEXTERA’s broad integration inventory ensures its smooth interaction with third party applications fulfilling similar functions as well as communication with other organizations like credit bureaus and legal bodies to ensure strong analytical support of every decision and prevention of financial crimes.

FLEXTERA Middle Office Functional Modules

FLEXTERA Risk Management

The module ensures automation of risks monitoring, assessment and management activities, including limits and cash management.

FLEXTERA Decision-making Support

The module provides comprehensive decision-making support based on the bank’s internal regulations. The process of decision making can be fully automated for the mass products or can involve manual management with different steps performed by different departments. The module can be integrated with third party decision systems or interface with external bodies.

The module ensures automation of scoring prospective customers with FLEXTERA in-built scoring mechanisms or with the use of third-parties scoring tools (SCORTO, Experian, SAS, etc.).
FLEXTERA Underwriting

The module handles automated assessment of the borrowers and collateral objects against the bank’s underwriting models. All the assessment models can be flexibly configured in accord with the individual bank requirements.
FLEXTERA Credit Bureau Interface

The module ensures interaction of the lenders with Credit Bureaus in full compliance with their internal reporting standards and local regulations.
FLEXTERA Foreign Exchange Control

The module automates control over import and export transactions in compliance with local regulation.
FLEXTERA Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

The module provides advanced tools for preventing money laundering and terrorists financing. These tools ensure automatic verification of the clients and payment documents against flexibly configured rules and schemes. In case of identification of a suspicious transaction, they are automatically reported to authorities.
FLEXTERA Internal Control

The module automates the bank’s procedures related to the internal control of the reliability of financial reporting, operational or strategic goals achievement, and compliance with laws and regulations.

The module supports all the operations related to reserve calculation, adjustment and writing off.
FLEXTERA Collateral Management

The module supports the collateral contracts management including collateral property evaluation, accounting and reporting.
FLEXTERA Debt Collection

The module automates various operations related to debt collection including customer relations management, interaction with third party collection agencies, automated segmentation of debts, human resource allocation, and collection operations control and reporting.
FLEXTERA Customer Order Management

The module is designed to support the initial processing and risk control of customer orders for the financial markets operations: non-trade operations, conversion orders, ОТС deals, etc.