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FLEXTERA Loan Origination

FLEXTERA Loan Origination is a complex suite of software components designed to support the whole process of loan origination and decision making. The solution supports all steps of the process related to borrower consulting, identification of client needs, selection of appropriate banking products, loan application management, verification of a borrower’s creditworthiness, decision making, and funds disbursal. The complex also allows for further monitoring and management of loan agreements.

The solution is designed for both retail lending and SMB loans. Based on the best practices of the most successful international banks and microfinance companies, it offers pre-configured schemes of client interaction together with the opportunity to configure any individual business models. Each step of the process can be either fully automated or performed manually depending on the bank’s needs and regulatory requirements.

Due to the component-based SOA-compliant approach to the solution architecture, it can be used both as a stand-alone system and as a part of a more complex banking solution.

Business Processes

FLEXTERA Loan Origination is used to support the following banking business processes:

  • Customer consultancy;
  • Loan origination and processing;
  • Generation of electronic profile;
  • Data verification in various IT systems;
  • Estimation of a customer’s creditworthiness and collaterals;
  • Decision making and approval;
  • Verification of data and parameters;
  • Management and monitoring of credit agreements and decisions;
  • Funds disbursal;
  • Support of the catalogue of banking product.



The functional scope of FLEXTERA Loan Origination covers all steps of a lending business process from customer consulting and identification of his / her needs to credit disbursement and monitoring of credit terms. The application features allow for the following opportunities:

  • Formalization of document gathering and generation of electronic credit profiles;
  • Opportunity to use all available channels for client communication with the bank and its representatives;
  • Opportunity to settle different methodologies of financial analysis, estimation of client creditworthiness, and data verification;
  • Support of diverse credit support channels (loan disbursement and servicing can be supported in a bank head office or its branches).


FLEXTERA Loan Origination supports all available credit products designed for retail and corporate customers, including:

  • Consumer loans;
  • Commercial loans;
  • Auto loans;
  • Mortgages;
  • Microfinance;
  • SME loans, etc.


FLEXTERA Loan Origination allows for integration with the following systems:

  • CRM;
  • Stop lists;
  • Data verification systems;
  • Credit bureaus;
  • AML and CTF systems;
  • Limits management;
  • Data warehouse;
  • Credit agreements and collateral management systems;
  • Payments and settlements systems;
  • General Ledger. 


Solution Architecture

FLEXTERA Loan Origination solution incorporates the following set of integrated FLEXTERA components:

FLEXTERA Client Management — The component is an infrastructure solution which records and consolidates client data (addresses, contact information, documents, etc.) and provides access to Customer information from any application within a single business process. FLEXTERA Client Management is a master system for Customer data recording, storage, and distribution among application modules. It also performs the functions of an operational CRM.

FLEXTERA Loan Origination and Management — The component supports the overall interaction with the Customer within the loan origination and management process including a broad range of operations with such loan products as consumer loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, loans to individual entrepreneurs, small and medium business lending, and credit lines. A credit application can be submitted through a diverse set of delivery channels, including sales points (for express products), web sites, self-service kiosks, etc.

FLEXTERA Decision-making Support — The component provides comprehensive decision-making support for the whole process of loan application processing. The process is based on the bank’s internal regulations and covers all steps of loan origination: from application registration to the decision approval. The process of decision making can be either fully automated for mass products or involve manual management with different steps performed by different departments. The module can be integrated with third party decision systems or interface with external bodies.

FLEXTERA Credit Bureau Interface — The component ensures interaction of the lenders with Credit Bureaus in full compliance with their internal reporting standards and local regulations to reduce risks and timely estimate the borrower’s discipline.

FLEXTERA Scoring — The component automates the assessment of creditworthiness of a prospective Customer and allows for streamlining operational efficiency and credit policies of a financial institution.

Due to its component-based architecture, FLEXTERA Loan Origination can be used both with other Diasoft products and with third party solutions.


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