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FLEXTERA Digital Banking

Today we live in the century of technological progress and innovations, where the consumer behavior and activity have transformed enormously in a very short period of time. Our clients change quickly and try to keep up with the times. They are making decisions much faster and have a huge choice of offerings, which places financial institutions in a position to struggle for their loyalty. It is especially typical for the growing generation, which cannot imagine the life without various mobile devices and gadgets.
The contemporary world is the world of highly mobile and technically astute Generation Y:
  • the world of mobile phones and technologies;
  • the world of internet, social networks and virtual activity;
  • the world of the changing customer behavior – the world of Generation Y’s requirements;
  • the world of big data and high speeds.


Analysts predicts that by 2020 more than seven billion people and businesses, and at least 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. With people, businesses and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other, a new era is coming into being – the era of digital business. To stay abreast of the changes, of tough competition and the new generation’s requirements, banks should develop quickly, and even stay at least one step ahead, anticipating customer needs. To do so, they will need a solution that incorporates the key factors that drive banking digitalization and allow for a quick and flexible response to new customer requirements. 
All these requirements were taken into consideration, when we designed and developed the innovative FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile solutions.
FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile.
FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile are unique solutions offered by Diasoft to support remote customer servicing, based on the modern banking standards and customer requirements. Both systems support the same functionality, the only difference is in the «channel» for accessing the banking portal – a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone accordingly.
Using FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile, a bank customer can quickly access all the necessary information, including account details, payments history and available bank products; submit new loan application; transfer funds or pay any service through the Internet. The user-friendliness of the solution significantly simplifies the work of end users, increases the speed and the quality of services. This allows for strengthening customer loyalty, which in its turn facilitates the growth of the customer base.
FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile support the following business processes:
  • Information and organizational services;
  • Customer identification;
  • Issuing of statements;
  • Remote deposit management (opening, topping-up, closing);
  • Remote card management (blocking, unblocking, re-issuing, etc.);
  • Remote loan management (payment schedules, submitting loan applications, loan calculator);
  • Remote payments and money transfers;
  • Remote management of accounts, reports, applications, etc.;
  • Management of recurring and deferred transactions.
With FLEXTERA, the bank can continuously expand and streamline the specter of its financial services.



FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile ensure a high-quality real-time customer support:
  • The systems ensure access to the full list of the customer products and detailed information about them in one click – all important and frequently-used data (the balance and the last transactions (transactions history), accounts and bills) are displayed as soon as the customer logs into the system;
  • The systems provide an opportunity to execute favorite transactions (saved templates) or repeat previously completed transaction;
  • The systems allow running effective marketing campaigns – non-intrusive messages inform your customers about the most recent campaigns and special bank offerings;
  • Context directory search and auto-complete of fields drastically simplify and facilitate the execution of applications for payments and fund transfers;
  • The Product advisor on loans, deposits and cards helps bank customers choose the most convenient product and make an optimal decision without any detailed analysis of the bank`s product line.


Convenient, safe, and easy to use, our FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile solutions offer a set of on-demand banking services that can help a modern financial institution to address current and future requirements of the market, attract new customers, raise loyalty of existing customers and reduce costs. Both systems offer a personalized and intuitive web interface, personal finance management tools, tips and tricks, alerts, online consultations, reminders, relationshipbased offers that enhance the overall banking experience and enable financial institutions to come up with better insights and offer more up-selling and cross-sell opportunities.

FLEXTERA Online and FLEXTERA Mobile Value-Added Features.
In terms of value-added features, FLEXTERA Online Banking and FLEXTERA Mobile Banking are capable to respond to requirements of the most demanding customers, helping banks to provide the highest level of services and be in line with ever developing technologies:
  • Access to service providers with filtering by the city;
  • Wire transfers to electronic wallets (WebMoney);
  • Notifications on state fees;
  • Smart marketing offerings;
  • Joint bank accounts (family accounts, partner accounts), with the ability to set up access rights and limits per account and function;
  • Audio and video consulting and many others.
Leveraging the most advanced IT technologies, FLEXTERA Online can operate on multiple platforms: bank customers can access the online bank through any browser, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. While
FLEXTERA Mobile is available for Android and iOS platforms.
If you want to offer some other services to your customer – such as insurance, collaboration on family and partner accounts, audio and video consulting – we are ready to support you and realize with you new business development ideas.