Building a Platform for the New era of Banking

Diasoft’s approach to the legacy solutions renovation is based on its own software product — FLEXTERA System Platform. This is a modern SOA-compliant development tool and a reliable framework for Java-based services based on IBM’s MiddleWare technologies and the most advanced industry standards. The platform incorporates a set of services performing separate business functions and provides a comprehensive Business Process Management Engine orchestrating these services and third party applications within a single business process.

With FLEXTERA’s ready-to-use Java toolkit based on IBM Middleware Technologies, a financial institution does not have to redevelop its administration, monitoring, security, and management mechanisms from the beginning. All the Customer has to do is to configure the in-built FLEXTERA’s instruments in accordance with the established business rules.

Designed to fit any IT environment and providing advanced inventory for solving the most complex IT tasks, FLEXTERA System Platform becomes a perfect choice for both mature and emerging financial institutions which seek for a new platform to support their dynamic business development and extensive IT strategy or wish to renovate the existing legacy solutions.To raise its business value, FLEXTERA System Platform can be delivered with the comprehensive Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office and Reporting products which can be easily deployed on the base of the Platform to add to the existing Customer functionality.

Developed in accordance with the recent market trends, FLEXTERA System Platform has incorporated the value of the most advanced modern technologies and software principles to ensure its highest technological excellence:

  • FLEXTERA System Platform is based on Java technologies (JavaEE), Open standards and SOA principles,
  • FLEXTERA System Platform is business process driven, uses built-in BPM-compliant engines, and runs on Enterprise-Class Application Servers,
  • FLEXTERA System Platform allows creating multi-channel interactive banking solutions providing integrated access to the customer and product data through modern branch automation tools and a variety of self service access channels,FLEXTERA System Platform is Hardware-, OS-, and Database-neutral.


To ensure better system maintenance and opportunities for independent layer modernization, FLEXTERA System Platform is designed with the use of different layers to ensure better system maintenance and opportunities for independent layer modernization:

  • Presentation Layer,
  • Business Logic Layer,
  • Data Layer,
  • Integration Layer.

The layer approach to the platform architecture allows for:

  • Flexible scalability of the solution with the use of cluster technologies and load balancing. This ensures high level of performance at low cost,
  • Reservation of the most important nodes to reach high availability and fault tolerance,
  • Building distributed architecture with different system parts based on different hardware or at different premises,
  • Use of various platform configurations for the solution deployment (different DBMS, application servers, integration solutions).


Diasoft’s special tools

FLEXTERA System Platform provides to its Customers a wide range of modern tools for applications development and flexible business process management. The most advances tools are based on Diasoft’s own solutions and considerably excel the functional characteristics of other market offerings.

All applications based on FLEXTERA System Platform ensure the highest level of customization. Using FLEXTERA’s Processes engineering toolkit the Customer can easily change screen forms, flexibly configure the pageflow logic, and quickly modify business processes required to support banking operations. It also allows for the modification of the business logic of the Customer’s applications. The software components are separated from the customized business configuration settings which allows for easy update of the solution without any risk to lose customized data. Opening unique customization opportunities, this powerful configuration inventory ensures:

  • Rapid response to the market requirements,
  • Freedom to change business configurations,
  • Secure investment into the solution customization,


In addition to the flexible configuration, FLEXTERA offers to its Customers branding opportunities through the use of special customizable skins. This allows for easy development of individual FLEXTERA designs and provides the Customer with additional promotion tools.

At the Presentation layer FLEXTERA provides:

  • Flexible orchestration of UI forms through the unique PageFlow mechanism,
  • Support of various delivery channels,
  • Access to the centralized storage of user parameters.


This layer provides integrated access to the solution via various delivery channels and uses web-client and rich-client technologies to support both online and offline user operations. Most presentation layer settings are repeated with every particular channel which allows for quick launch of new channels and easier deployment of new products and services.

To ensure even workload distribution for higher solution performance and availability FLEXTERA uses software and hardware load balancing mechanisms based on EDGE components of IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment v. 7.0.

Diasoft’s Unique PageFlow controller

To better manage the Human Task Oriented configuring, Diasoft has developed a special PageFlow controller - a Java based tool for running pageflow sequence represented inthe convenient visual form. This application provides enhanced GUI customization opportunities through a user friendly visual editing tool and allows for flexible configuration of the interface pages sequence in accordance with the Customer business logic.

At the Business Logic level FLEXTERA ensures:

  • An advanced framework for Java-based services – JavaEE applications fulfilling various technological tasks (like communication with databases) to support business applications development and proper execution of business processes. 
  • Easy development process through a comprehensive repository of ready-to-use templates, advanced testing mechanisms, and automated documenting.


The layer comprises a set of services run on an application server to support business logic and system mechanisms. The solution supports any enterprise JavaEE application servers including IBM WebSphere Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, etc.

To configure and manage business processes the FLEXTERA System Platform uses special server processes. These processes can be executed either by an outlying BPM-engine (IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM Process Server Lombardi Edition, Oracle BPM Suite, etc.) or by an embedded controller. In addition, the solution can be integrated with any software application designed for business process orchestration if it supports API tools.

At the Data level FLEXTERA provides:

  • Unified access to various Databases,
  • Data Centralization and single data entry,
  • Smooth operation of distributed Databases,
  • Protection against SQL injections.


The layer can be realized on the basis of most industry DBMS (Oracle RDBMS 10g, 11g, MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE, IBM DB2)

At the Integration level FLEXTERA helps for:

  • Smooth Integration and Interaction with third party solutions and between Diasoft's products with the help of the continuously expanded set of standard adapters.


The layer offers embedded integration tools and can be deployed on the most advanced industry integration solutions (IBM WebSphere ESB, Oracle BPEL Suite, Oracle AquaLogic, IBM WebSphere Process Server) and open source ESBs (like Oracle Open ESB).