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FLEXTERA Core Banking


FLEXTERA Core Banking provides the overall support of various product lines of a financial institution. This support includes designing, configuring, life cycle management and accounting of all modern financial products and services in full compliance with regulatory requirements and Customer needs. The solution also offers various reporting and BI tools including those to support the most sophisticated MIS reporting.

To launch a new product or enhance the existing one, our Customer may choose between the deployment of the corresponding off-the-shelf FLEXTERA Core Banking module and the implementation of a customized solution designed to fit technological and business needs.

High performance, exceptions managements, modern security tools and customizable business processes of FLEXTERA provide banks with highly efficient operations processing.

The centrally deployed system is available at every Customer branch which allows for:

  • Reduction of implementation and maintenance expenses, which is especially important for the geographically distributed networks,
  • Quick launch of new products and services,
  • Reduction of hardware and software licenses expenses for branches,
  • Standardized configuration and security policy for better controllability of the solution.


FLEXTERA Core Banking incorporates the features which are relatively new for the back office systems like sales channels management or performance monitoring of separate products. This allows for end-to-end integration of the bank’s functional areas and creates a unified information space for transparent management of banking products and customer relations. The logical separation of product performance and financial accounting allows for better estimation of each product performance and performance fluctuations.

FLEXTERA is a huge step forward in core banking solutions evolution. In comparison to monolithic product-oriented systems which used to be the leaders in core-banking area for the last 20 years FLEXTERA flexibly responds to the modern business needs of financial institutions. The state-of-the-art technology and SOA principles implemented in the core of FLEXTERA allow banks to create new products in days and change business processes in the real time mode. With a range of more than 70 off-the-shelf fully-functional Java modules and individual software services available for full-scale SOA implementation, FLEXTERA facilitates the bank’s rapid development and provides it with extensive breakthrough opportunities. All FLEXTERA solutions are seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure and consolidate all of the bank’s products and information resources opening new ways of customer servicing.


Functional Modules of FLEXTERA Core Banking 

FLEXTERA Loans — The module ensures automated maintenance of lending contracts with individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and supports operations with various types of loans: consumer loans, auto loans, mortgages, credit card loans, overdrafts, credit lines, deferred payments, etc. The functional scope of the solution includes automated interest accrual, generation of payment plans, automated loan repayments, control of credit limits, and product performance analysis.

FLEXTERA Deposits — The module supports operations related to raising individual and corporate funds and provides modern tools for managing deposit contracts, automated interest accrual, deposits prolongation and funds transfers to other accounts.

FLEXTERA Payments and Money Transfers — The module provides support for retail banking operations related to money transfers and payments both with and without opening a bank account.

FLEXTERA Teller — The module supports handling and accounting of cash transactions and currency exchange. The module ensures management of cash funds and valuables custody, collection of cash and valuables, management of cash orders and advances, and ensures effective collaboration of different departments within a single technological process related to cash transactions and currency exchange.

FLEXTERA Cards — The module ensures automated management of cards and acquiring contracts, interaction with processing centers, and card transactions accounting.

FLEXTERA Money Market — The module provides automated support of back-office operations in the interbank lending market. It supports registration of deals, interaction with the Reuters Dealing system, generation of transaction confirmations, off-sets and settlements transactions, etc.

FLEXTERA Securities — The module supports broker-dealer activities in the securities market including management of brokerage agreements and securities portfolios and arranging back-office accounting of securities transactions in compliance with business and regulatory requirements. The solution supports simultaneous work of several brokers / dealers within the same system (holding companies) and can be used by asset management companies for keeping track of transactions executed through an external broker.

FLEXTERA Derivatives — The module provides the overall support and accounting of bank transactions with exchange-traded and OTC derivatives (futures and options).

FLEXTERA Brokerage — The module is designed to automate processing of brokerage transactions and orders.

FLEXTERA Finmarket Settlements — The module automates paper-based and paperless settlements of transactions in financial instruments in compliance with business and regulatory requirements. The solution is used to support brokerage and investment businesses, asset management companies, and custodian banks and depositaries.

FLEXTERA Foreign Exchange Transactions — The module is designated to support bank operations at the interbank foreign exchange market and automate currency exchange transactions of the bank’s corporate Customers.

FLEXTERA Custody — The module ensures automated support of the custodian back office operations.

FLEXTERA Asset Management — The module automates operations related to asset management. It supports automated calculation of basic and net assets costs, calculation of fees and financial results, accounting of exchange-traded and OTC transactions, operational reporting, etc.

FLEXTERA Precious Metals — The module automates bank transactions at the precious metals market.

FLEXTERA Trade Finance — The module provides accounting of bank guarantees (of payment, tender guarantee (bid bond), advance payment guarantee, performance bond, warranty bonds, loan repayment guarantee, customs guarantee) and letters of credit to support the bank’s involvement into the international trading activities.

FLEXTERA Factoring — The module handles factoring agreements, supply contracts, and conceded claims processing with fully automated support of accounting and reporting operations.

FLEXTERA Safety Deposit Boxes — The module automates operations related to safe deposit boxes rental contracts including contract management, safe deposit boxes registry, rental fee calculation, and Customer visits history.

FLEXTERA Settlements — The module is an innovative back office solution designed to effectively manage bank account agreements and support operations with Customer current / transactional accounts including processing of payment orders, conversion operations, clearing, and intrabank / interbank settlements via local settlements system, direct correspondent relationships with other banks, SWIFT, and other payment systems.

FLEXTERA Clearing — The module automates bank interactions with clearing houses.