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Software testing

Diasoft provide a wide array of functional and non-functional software testing services that help financial institutions understand:

  • How many users can be supported by their software solutions;
  • What data loads can be processed by these systems;
  • How to optimize the hardware platform used to run various software solutions;
  • How to streamline system performance.


Diasoft offers testing services for the following range of software solutions:

  • Portals, ЕСМ, CMS: SharePoint, Alfresco, Jira, Lotus Domino, MediaWiki, WebSphere, WebLogic, Bitrix;
  • Core banking systems: Misys, Diasoft FLEXTERA, Diasoft FA#, Quorum, New Athena, CFT, R-Style, Inversia;
  • Processing solutions: Way4, SmartVista, TranzWare, SOFIT, CTL, BASE24;
  • Remote servicing systems: Inist, CORREQTS, BS-Client;
  • CRM: Siebel, Dynamics ,SugarCRM, Bitrix;
  • Billing solutions: Abills, Hydra Billing, Fastcom, UTM, Bill-Master.


Functional testing:

  • Regression testing is performed when the implementation of a new software version is planned to make sure that that the new versions doesn`t contain any errors;
  • Integration testing is recommended when several system / components are integrated to check how well these solutions interact with external systems, drivers, and hardware.


Load testing:

  • Regression testing is performed when software update is planned or a new version of the system is released to make sure that the new system meets performance requirements.
  • Sizing is performed to estimate software ability to process growing data loads when such growth is expected.
  • Infrastructure testing is recommended to financial institutions that plan to modify their hardware infrastructure and want to compare software performance on the basis of different hardware platforms.


Using these services, financial institutions can detect and eliminate causes of low performance of the implemented software solutions and generate a plan for the further IT development.