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Ongoing Maintenance

Diasoft leverages its 20-year experience in the information technologies and its deep understanding of the IT excellence importance for our Customers’ business to provide the highest quality of Customer support. To ensure the most convenient and cost-effective terms of servicing and the best use of the implemented solutions, we offer to our Customers a comprehensive range of support programs which can be flexibly adjusted to their individual business requirements. This allows our Customers to choose the service level which better fits their business needs both mitigating IT operational risks and reducing their service expenses.

All the support programs are regulated by the Service Level Agreements which define detailed requirements to the service quality and response time, establish the KPIs for every service and ensure strict quality control and transparent relations between Diasoft and the Customer.

The Customer is able to contact Diasoft’s round-the clock Service Desk by phone and e-mail or via the Customer secure support portal. Regardless of the chosen channel of communication, every Customer request is registered in the electronic management system and can be easily tracked through the Customer support portal.

Diasoft’s standard support programs provide different levels of services starting from the obligatory application updates in accordance with regulatory changes and routine troubleshooting to the 24 x 7 hotline support, individual service management, and business consultancy. All the provided services can be flexibly ajusted to fit particular business needs.