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Legacy System Renovation

Besides the full scale deployment of FLEXTERA solutions to support our Customers’ businesses, Diasoft has developed a unique methodology for legacy system enhancement which offers the Customer all advantages of modern technologies without the need to reconstruct their business processes.
Diasoft’s FLEXTERA System Platform allows for renovating banking software through automated conversion of legacy source code to cutting-edge SOA JavaEE technology. It brings legacy systems to a new level of flexibility, increases performance and enhances integration and development capacities while retaining the business logic of all operations and using the same user interfaces and operations the Customer has accustomed to. 

With this cost effective and low-risk approach, the Customer can capitalize on the investments and years of work spent on perfecting legacy software and acquire a new orchestration mechanism for the better performance and successful future development.
The replacement or renewal of a legacy solution with a modern solution has always been a difficult undertaking requiring thorough analysis and planning. To ease the process of migration, Diasoft has developed a phased approach to data and business process porting to a new technological platform with a minimal impact on the Customer’s operations. The modern layer architecture of FLEXTERA allows for its step-by-step deployment avoiding services stoppage during the transition period and leading to the overall improvement of product and services line.