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We apply our 20-year experience in applications development together with the best global practices and advanced technologies to provide our Customers with the most comprehensive solutions which are capable to support their dynamic business development, reduce their applications TCO, and get rid of the drawbacks of rigid proprietary and legacy systems.

We regard our services as an ongoing collaboration of a large team of experts — Customer, Service Desk, Analysts, R&D specialists, Engineers, and Testers, with each of them interested in an excellent common result. We value and listen to our Customers and the efficiency of this tight collaboration is proven by the success of 100% projects run by Diasoft.

Our staff of over 1200 experienced and highly trained experts is here to offer you the best services and quality products developed on the base of the most advanced and globally proven standards and technologies.

Our broad Customer base of over 340 international financial organizations and insurance companies has taught us to deeply understand and easily respond to the individuality of each Customer’s business requirements. While the experience in software development under the terms of the quickly changing business environment of an emerging market allowed us to create the solution capable to flexibly adjust to such changes.

Our project management expertise and flexible customization opportunities allow us to deliver the best-of-breed solutions catering to every individual business need. Besides the standard functionality, our solutions enable flexible customization both through the SOA approach to the architecture and through our expertise in software development. The comprehensive product factory and workflow technology deliver to our Customers better flexibility to integrate into the highly competitive market.
All the solutions supplied by Diasoft are seamlessly integrated into the existing Customer IT infrastructure allowing them to use the full technological potential of their IT infrastructure and enhance the information workflow and business process management capabilities.