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End-to-end Integration

Diasoft has always developed its solutions applying the best global practices and the most advanced technological approaches. This is fully reflected in our modern Java-based FLEXTERA solution built on the SOA and Open Architecture principles. Together with FLEXTERA’s independence of hardware platforms, this allows us to offer our Customers limitless capabilities for its implementation, integration and further development.
Using a modern BPM-engine, FLEXTERA builds all the communications with third party solutions through web-services and allows for rapid changing of business logics and quick replacement and modernization of implemented applications without negative impact on the daily operations.

As a result, the Customer obtains a single flexible technological platform that can handle both all its business requirements and support effective interaction of various solutions used within the company.
In addition to fully functional financial solutions, Diasoft offers to its customers its cutting edge FLEXTERA System Platform — a powerful Java-based integration tool capable to fit any IT infrastructure and arrange the most efficient communication between the implemented applications.