Diasoft has always developed its solutions applying the best global practices and the most advanced technological approaches. This is fully reflected in our modern Java-based FLEXTERA solution built on the SOA and Open Architecture principles. Together with FLEXTERA’s independence of hardware platforms, this allows us to offer our Customers limitless capabilities for its implementation, integration and further development.

To ensure better operational efficiency and higher understanding of Diasoft’s solutions, we have established the Diasoft Corporate University providing a range of comprehensive training courses for our Customers and Partners’ staff.

Diasoft leverages its 20-year experience in the information technologies and its deep understanding of the IT excellence importance for our Customers’ business to provide the highest quality of Customer support. To ensure the most convenient and cost-effective terms of servicing and the best use of the implemented solutions, we offer to our Customers a comprehensive range of support programs which can be flexibly adjusted to their individual business requirements.

A company’s business performance directly depends on the efficiency of its IT infrastructure and business processes. Basing on the best IT practices and our own expertise in the sphere of financial IT solutions we deliver to our Customers professional services in IT strategy development.

We apply our 20-year experience in applications development together with the best global practices and advanced technologies to provide our Customers with the most comprehensive solutions which are capable to support their dynamic business development, reduce their applications TCO, and get rid of the drawbacks of rigid proprietary and legacy systems.

Besides the full scale deployment of FLEXTERA solutions to support our Customers’ businesses, Diasoft has developed a unique methodology for legacy system enhancement which offers the Customer all advantages of modern technologies without the need to reconstruct their business processes.