The Ugoria Insurance Group Goes Live with Diasoft Insurance Medical

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Diasoft, a global financial technology provider, and the Ugoria Insurance Group, one of the leading national insurance companies, have completed implementation of Diasoft Insurance Medical. The new solution will support Ugoria’s private health insurance business. 
The migration to Diasoft Insurance Medical has allowed Ugoria to streamline processing of customer applications, create a single information environment for contract origination and management, and ensure support for the business growth. The solution ensured a 6-fold reduction of the technical audit time, speeded up the loss settlement process by 4 times, and reduced the company’s operational expenses by 20%. 
Before the start of the project, Ugoria used Excel and 1C products to support its private health insurance business. The growing number of customers required more and more time to process health insurance policies and communicate with healthcare institutions. The project team had to quickly implement the Diasoft Insurance Medical solution to support the growing business and optimize the company’s IT expenses. It was decided to use open source CentOS and PostgreSQL database for the project.
The new solution provides comprehensive support for the private health insurance business processes, interaction with medical institutions and insured persons, and management of customers, contracts, service programs, program terms, and healthcare institutions. It also used for the company’s accounting, financial reporting, and mutual settlements with healthcare facilities. Diasoft Insurance Medical processes, stores and analyzes claims and inquiries received from insured persons, healthcare institutions and administrators of private health insurance policies and supports auditing of invoices issued by healthcare institutions.
The success of the project allowed the insurance group to start planning further development of the implemented solution, including support of the customer helpdesk, personal area for insured persons, and the HR portal.

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