Soglasie Insurance Company Switches to the New Diasoft meNext Platform to Support Its IT Development

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting-edge solutions for the financial services industry, has embarked on the project for migration of Soglasie Insurance Company, one of the leaders of the insurance market, to Diasoft meNext Platform. The platform is used as a framework for Diasoft Insurance products and will allow the insurance company to make modifications of their IT system on their own, speeding up implementation of such modifications by more than 1.5 times.
Diasoft meNext platform will provide the insurance company with breakthrough opportunities for its business development and reduction of its expenses for maintenance and development of the IT system. The important feature of the platform is its full compatibility with previous versions of Diasoft’s insurance products. Diasoft meNext can be used as a basis for development of open-architecture solutions that can be integrated into any IT landscape. The platform technologies ensure that such solutions will be independent from any specific application servers and databases, which will allow creating unique configurations of IT environments. Migration to the new platform will help the insurance company to reduce its server and software expenses. 
“Diasoft meNext will help Soglasie to unify development of its software applications, set ergonomics and functionality standards, solve standard tasks that arise during development of enterprise applications”, says Alexander Budnik, Head of the Insurance Department at Diasoft. “The new platform provides broad development capabilities, and its functional features have already become a welcome surprise for our customers – the largest domestic insurance companies”. 
It is important to mention that during development of the platform Diasoft took into account all advantages and disadvantages of the previous version and focused on significant improvement of the solution performance.
SOGLASIE Insurance Co. Ltd has been successfully operating in the insurance market for over 24 years. The internal policy of the Company allows it to hold the top position in the insurance market and annually increase the number of its policyholders. Pursuant to FSSN licenses C 1307 77 and P 1307 77, the Company successfully provides more than 90 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance. The paid-up share capital of the Company amounts to 5.4 billion roubles. The extensive sales network includes 350 offices operating in nearly almost every region of the country. The company is assigned with the following national ratings: ruBBB company reliability rating (stable outlook) by the Expert RA National Rating Agency (RAEX); ААА.ic service reliability and quality rating by the national Rating Agency; BBB + (RU) Credit Rating (stable outlook) by the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).

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