Rosbank and Diasoft Implement a Large-Scale Project for Replacement of the Bank’s Core System for Corporate Lending and Current Account Services

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rosbank, part of the Société Générale Group, will roll out its new corporate banking platform – Digital Q Consumer and Corporate Products by ­Diasoft – to all its branches. The functional capabilities of the platform will help Rosbank to support its strategic plans for expansion of its corporate lending business and corporate current account services.
In November and December 2020, the Partners successfully launched the Corporate Loans solution ­­­based Diasoft’s Digital Q Consumer and Corporate Products platform in two Rosbank branches. In 2021, the companies plan to roll out this solution and implement products for support of bank account agreements in all geographically distributed offices of the Bank.
Diasoft’s back office is integrated into the Bank’s IT landscape with the help of the solution based on the microservice architecture and modern technologies.
“Diasoft’s solution provides additional capabilities that help to streamline management of corporate credit agreements and reduce time-to-market for new products. The implemented platform will allow us to speed up origination procedures and effectively support Rosbank’s strategic plans for expansion of its corporate business”, commented Kirill Pokladov, Director of the IT Department of the Corporate, Investment and Custody Business at Rosbank.
“For Diasoft, this project will be the largest in all respects over the last few years. Replacement of a bank back office is a rare story nowadays, when all market attention is focused on digital transformation. It is difficult to imagine business development, especially in such a sensitive segment as corporate banking, without a reliable basis represented by a high-performance IT platform with wide functional capabilities. All important technological changes start at this stage”, says Alexander Gentsis, Member of the Board of Directors at Diasoft.