Diasoft's new achievement – CMMI certificate

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diasoft has been granted CMMI certificate Level 3 for Development, which confirmed that the company uses the best quality management methods for software development and implementation.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a comprehensive model for assessing processes performance and maturity of a software company. It defines the criteria assigning a company to one of the five maturity levels.
The confirmation of the Maturity level is a result of a strict assessment process perfored by  Software Engineering Institute, a developer of the CMMI model. Confirmation of Diasoft's business processes maturity is one of the leverages in realization of the company's strategy for entering international markets.
A large-scale implementation of CMMI in Diasoft started in October 2009. The project team managed to successfully complete all the project stages within sixteen months - the process which normally takes over two years.  As a result, the company developed unique CMMI competences in implementation of the best quality management methods of software development and deployment. The certificate confirms that all the company’s projects are performed under comprehensive control: they are completed under the schedule agreed with the customer and within the project budget, and, mostly important, according to the best standards of quality.