Diasoft Unites All Its Business Solutions Under the New Brand Name “Digital Q”

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Diasoft announced the launch of the new brand Digital Q that will unite results of many years of work for creation of digital solutions for transformation of financial services companies and state institutions.
The world continues to change dramatically, and these changes are explosive, especially in the business segment that is undergoing the process of its transformation. Market innovators that drive digital transformation trends play the first fiddle. In order to keep up with new trends and hold a strong position in the market, financial organizations have to cater for their customer demand for digital services and to ensure high quality and convenience of their services in the digital environment. The same trends are observed in state institutions that have started implementing their digital initiatives and increasing their communications with customers in the online environment.
Digital business is today’s reality. It includes not only modern approaches to customer services and new financial products that are based on digital platforms. Traditional core banking systems also need transformation and adaptation to digital solutions, i.e. they need to be digital-ready. To meet new business requirements, companies need not only digital platforms and accounting systems customized to these platforms. They require new technologies and development practices that were specially designed to support the digital concept.
“To ensure support of constant business changes of our customers, it is crucial to create and develop solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and using the microservice architecture. This allows our customers to quickly launch new products and services and do it without technological pauses. This also provides the highest reliability, performance and linear scalability of implemented solutions”, says Alexander Glazkov, Managing Director, Diasoft.
The new Digital Q brand has united all Diasoft’s LOBs: business applications; the software development platform based on the open software; cutting-edge software development technologies and practices for effective production of digital software solutions, including usage of Agile and DevOps approaches.
Diasoft has engaged all its resources to the implementation of the big idea of Digital Q, where Q stands for the quality and convenience of user services. The key idea of the Digital Q brand is that digital transformation should be simple and it could be managed with a click of a single button. Digital Q means speed, quality, efficiency and huge potential for development of the digital business of financial services companies and state institutions.
Digital Q is a new brandname of Diasoft's products
“It is obvious that our customers will also have to change. Digital transformation of a business is not a miracle; it always involves joint efforts of the customer and the contractor. However, businesses will not have to start from scratch either. As a vendor, we strive to offer the product that is ready for launch to the highest possible extent and at the same time is much cheaper than in-house solutions developed by a financial institution. The Digital Q platform allows developing the most advanced digital solutions that are crucial to keep up with the pace and scale of global changes”, underlines the leader of Diasoft.
Digital Q comprises well-known company products that are already installed in banks. “Many components of our most popular Diasoft FA# product line are already based on the microservice architecture and are built on the new technology stack, that is on the Digital Q platform. To migrate to Digital Q, the customer does not need to make any dramatic changes. Updates will be delivered within the scope of their maintenance agreements, upon release of new versions of implemented products, for example, in case of regulatory changes. This is not a revolution, it is an evolutionary transformation”, summarized Alexander Glazkov.