Diasoft showcased its FLEXTERA solutions for advanced brokerage services

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An ongoing series of webinars presents technological and business functions of FLEXTERA software allowing Diasoft’s customers to estimate the value of new solutions and facilitate their decision making.

The latest webinar focused on FLEXTERA Brokerage modules — a set of fully functional solutions supporting all financial operations related to brokerage business: stock trading, deals with options, mutual funds management, and ETFs, bonds, and futures operations. 

The new-generation FLEXTERA Brokerage solutions are competely user friendly and provide helpful tools to ease the usage of the system: they guide users through all steps of a business process, use automated warnings to prevent invalid actions, and execute overall control over the user's actions, providing management with efficient instruments of operational performance monitoring. The multi-tier architecture which forms a core of all FLEXTERA solutions provides required support for mass service provision and allows for separate scaling of each system level. 

The webinar on FLEXTERA Brokerage solutions was a logical step of the ongoing educational series of web seminars focusing on separate FLEXTERA modules and business tools. Joining these remote seminars our customers and partners get a unique opportunity to learn more information on the functional scope and business development opportunities of various FLEXTERA solutions, communicate with Diasoft’s experts, and facilitate the process of decision making in respect of various business automation issues. The webinars fully reveal the business value of our solutions and include online demonstrations of the product.