Diasoft Listed Among TOP providers of BI Solutions

Monday, August 29, 2016

Diasoft, a leading provider of software solutions for the global financial industry, demonstrated a significant growth of the revenue from its BI business. The company's earnings associated with BI solutions increased by 39%, which allowed it to take the 12th line in the list of the largest providers of BI solutions in Russia in 2016, according by CNews Analytics.

According to CNews, business intelligence is one of the most promising sectors of the IT market, which has been growing in spite of unfavorable economic conditions. During the last year, Russian BI vendors from the TOP15 earned 10.6 billion rubles, which was 8% greater than during the year before. Such results promise the great growth potential to the BI market, since business intelligence solutions provide businesses with necessary tools to increase their performance during the current turbulent time. Another growth driver for this sector is the great demand for quality BI tools in the domestic market.

The improvement of Diasoft's position in the CNews Analytics Rating is associated with the increased demand for advanced BI technologies that develop taking into account business peculiarities and market changes. The market need for powerful professional tools for regulatory reporting in terms of increased regulatory control and implementation of more complicated statutory requirements and wins of large contracts for implementation of FLEXTERA BI, caused by this need, enabled Diasoft to increase its revenue from the BI business by 39%.

According to Diasoft's customers, this advanced and reliable product is irreplaceable for solving the most complicated tasks, such as detailed analysis of business processes and performance indicators, quick processing of big data, collection of reliable information for reporting and making managerial decisions to ensure the highest possible profit. 

About Diasoft: Since 1991 Diasoft has been providing cutting-edge financial software solutions supporting all aspects of retail, wholesale and universal banking, financial market services, and insurance business. The company’s main offering to the financial market is FLEXTERA — a SOA-based universal system comprising a comprehensive suite of modules for front-to-back automation of modern financial services.

FLEXTERA’s functional scope covers the following areas of financial business:

  • Back Office and Core Banking operations including daily processing of banking transactions; product and service management; BI, accounting and reporting;
  • Multichannel Front Office operations and customer management;
  • Middle Office risk management and decision making.


The modern technological principles lying at the core of all FLEXTERA solutions in combination with their broadest functionality provide our customers with limitless opportunities for their business development in accord with market trends and customer requirements.