Diasoft Launches a Universal Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Business Processes

Monday, May 18, 2020

 Diasoft announced the launch of its new Business Sensor solution – a universal tool for real-time monitoring and analysis of business processes.
Diasoft Business Sensor ensures ongoing monitoring of business processes and immediate notification of users on business incidents and deviations, which allows the company management to timely take preventive measures. This is an omnichannel solution that can be used in browsers and via mobile devices.
Leveraging cutting-edge data stream processing technologies from such market leaders as Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Netflix, ASF and others, the solution takes business monitoring to a completely new level. In comparison with classical BI systems, this approach does not require data accumulation and preparation. The solution uses information flows that already exist in the company’s IT systems. This is a significant advantage that streamlines monitoring of business processes and ensures a minimum gap between origination of information and its visual presentation to the user. 
Diasoft Business Sensor is a light-weight web application, where the user can set up dashboards, add diagrams, choose what data to monitor. The user can set up thresholds for separate metrics, and the system will immediately highlight deviations from these limits.
Diasoft Business Sensor can be used to boost motivation of business teams through competition – the management can set up KPIs to measure performance of separate employees or teams, and the solution will create speedometer diagrams demonstrating planned and actual results through web applications at user workstations. The solution also supports an interactive map that ensures a convenient visual analysis of the company’s business processes in different regions. 
Significantly, the solution is based on the modern technologies that have proven their performance in large-scale implementations in social networks and the Big Data industry, such as Kafka message broker, Hadoop storage and ElasticSearch indexing. This means that the performance of Diasoft Business Sensor can be limited only by the capacity of the underlying infrastructure, while the same version of the solution can be used by companies of any size and from any industry.