Diasoft Completed a Project for Support of Energobank’s Operations in Financial Markets Within a Three-Month Period

Monday, February 10, 2020

It took the joint team of Energobank and Diasoft only three months to implement a solution for support of the following business operations at the Bank: interbank lending, forex transactions, stock market transactions and internal accounting.
Energobank has been using Diasoft’s solutions to supports its main lines of business for many years. Implementation of a software system for support of operations in the financial markets has become the final part of the large-scale joint project of the two partners.
“With the implementation of the treasury solution, we can develop our business in the financial markets and guarantee its continuity as it grows”, commented Rustem Ismagilov, Head of Treasury at Energobank.
“Rapid development of the modern market requires quick implementation of projects at banks. At Energobank, we faced some challenges due to specific features of its accounting policy, but we could quickly solve any issues thanks to high commitment of the Bank’s and Diasoft’s teams”, said Kirill Zolotykh, Head of the Financial Markets Department at Diasoft.