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Insurance Market


The global insurance market of today is characterized by an expressed move towards globalization, universal servicing and consolidation. To support these trends the insurance software should provide opportunities for business interoperability, integrated data and information delivery from different sources and strong risk management, CRM and product design capacity.
All of these requirements are inherently supported by Diasoft Insurance which offers broad functionality for automation of business and personal life and non-life insurance services:

  • Motor Insurance,
  • Property Insurance,
  • Liability Insurance,
  • Cargo Insurance,
  • Accident Insurance,
  • Travel Insurance,
  • Health Insurance,
  • Life Insurance.

This functionality is backed up by comprehensive risk management, BI and accounting tools providing a reliable platform for effective decision making and business development. Diasoft Insurance's advanced integration and client management tools ensure higher transparency of services and customer-centric approach, which allows for better cross selling opportunities and clear identification of risks and opportunities.
With Diasoft Insurance, our Customers acquire the most advanced tools facilitating business consolidation and partnering strategies. These tools open to our Customers new revenue generation channels through more efficient collaboration of banks, insurance companies and service providers, including the support for such models of business collaboration as

  • Re-insurance,
  • Co-insurance, or
  • Bancassurance.

Diasoft offers to its customers new-generation modular solutions for the end-to-end support of the insurance business