During the recent years the global financial market has witnessed a significant shift towards more customer centric and ubiquitous banking ensuring secure and convenient services from everywhere at any time. This move has put on the front line the demand for more agile and flexible banking solutions to support business transformation strategies and flexible adjustment to the modern customer and market requirements.
Fully supporting the philosophy that it is not the business which should fit in the solution’s technological limits, but the solution which should predict the market needs and open new horizons for the bank’s development, Diasoft offers the market its high-end modular FLEXTERA solution. Designed on the SOA principles and providing the market with the fully fledged functionality, FLEXTERA offers the most advanced opportunities for the bank’s development.

The main goal of the corporate banking is to provide timely and secure financial services capable to support sophisticated strategies and corporate financial needs of the medium to large businesses, governments, or other big institutions.The huge difference in customer profiles and business strategies significantly raises requirements to the flexibility of banking software solutions and their capacity to support complex financing methods and risk management tools.
Due to its comprehensive wholesale banking functions and inherent customization flexibility, FLEXTERA can be perfectly tailored to support the most exquisite corporate banking products and services and assist with the most complicated consolidation processes following M&A deals.

One of the major factors of the successful business is the ability to efficiently manage the company’s funds flows ensuring timely funding of new business initiatives and effective investments of the liquidity. Diasoft’s FLEXTERA offers to its Customers broad opportunities to support their activity at the financial market.

With its 20-year experience at emerging markets, Diasoft deeply understands the specific needs and requirements of the financial institutions operating in terms of rapidly evolving economic environment, dynamic business growth, and changing regulations.

For the mature markets Diasoft offers a modern cost effective approach to legacy solutions enhancement which allows for rapid modernization of the existing IT infrastructure and also provides the business with a powerful development tool. Using Diasoft’s unique methodology to the legacy system renovation, the Customer acquires all advantages of modern technologies without the need to reconstruct their business processes.

The global insurance market of today is characterized by an expressed move towards globalization, universal servicing and consolidation. To support these trends the insurance software should provide opportunities for business interoperability, integrated data and information delivery from different sources and strong risk management, CRM and product design capacity. All of these requirements are inherently supported by Diasoft’s FLEXTERA solutions which offer broad functionality for automation of business and personal insurance services.